Woodland Log Wall Sticker Set

Price £64.99

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LOG: 1.2m x 37cm
GRASS: 1.3m long (can be cut down to size, or add another if needed)
HEDGEHOG: 15cm x 13cm
BUTTERFLIES: – 6 different
FLOWERS: 4 Different sizes tall pink flowers
ROBIN: 9.5cm high x 10cm
SPARROW: 10cm high x 13cm
RABBIT: 20cm high x 18cm
FOX: 40cm x 30cm

Woodland Animal Decal Set

Can be a bespoke set, replace animals with your favourites to make up your own bespoke set.

Woodland Animals, Log, flowers & butterflies Wall Sticker Set are original artwork and are exclusive to INSPIRE MURALS

There are already other woodland animals, trees, flowers and so on that compliment this scene, keep coming back to see more

Place all of these separate wall stickers wherever they fit best on your childs wall or walls. These images are just t show you an example of how it could look.

Please view our ‘inspire me‘ page for a few other ideas

All of the printed products on this site have been lovingly hand painted first, professionally photographed, then printed. All on a high quality material for Wall Decals, Wall Stickers, Wallpaper & Art Prints to a very high standard, achieving that amazing hand painted, realistic and detailed effect of an original piece of artwork.

Inspire Murals portfolio of work in increasing everyday so please feel free to revisit or contact us if you don’t see a theme your looking for as it may well be currently in production.

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