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PAINT THE WALL WHATEVER COLOUR YOU LIKE FIRST, personally I went with a light brown/taupe colour to compliment the natural colours of the mountains and animals in this set. Then place each separate animal wherever you feel suits your wall or walls best.

3 Nyala deer by the water: 1.3m wide x 90cm
various small trees, rocks & grass
Tree with giraffe: 60 x 70 high
tree with zebra 40cm high x 50cm wide
mountain stretch in 2 sections (2.5m long) CAN PURCHASE EXTRA IF NEEDED.
separate small zebra 30cm
Lion & Rocks: 1.3m wide x 1.2m high

Lovingly hand painted wall stickers that make up a very lifelike mural, place them wherever you feel fits the room and space best. They fit any wall size and shape.

hand painted mural feel but at wall decal/sticker prices.

Printed on high quality self-adhesive, vinyl in a matt finish


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