Pegasus & Moon Wall Sticker Set

Price £125.00

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Unicorn: 33.5″ x 26″
Castle on a Cloud: 36″ x 23″
8 Various sized Clouds (includes castle cloud):
13.5″ x 9″,  13″ x 8″,  13.5″ x 8.5″,  19″ x 11.5″,  20.5″ x 11″,  22″ x 13″,  38″ x 14″
Rainbow: 75″



Unicorn Decal Set, Clouds, Moon & Stars

SIZES (in inches):

Unicorn wall sticker,  jumping over the moon: 36″ x 33″
Baby unicorn decal: 30″ x 23″
Moon wall sticker: 26″ x 26″
17 different sized stars

5 different clouds:
13.5″ x 8.5″
19″ x 11.5″
20.5″ x 11″
22″ x 13″
70″ x 30″

This unicorn / pegasus wall sticker set, would suit any wall size.

You can place them where ever you like around furniture or on a blank wall. Place them wherever fits best as they are all printed as separate wall stickers. The artwork has been scanned and printed into removable wall sticker so you can place the separate pieces together to make up a complete wall mural that suits the size of your wall.

THIS SET OF WALL DECALS LOOK STUNNING ON ANY COLOUR WALL BACKGROUND, this set can also be any custom size. It can also be personalised, please do ask.

Lots of trial and error with sizing and print quality to ensure that Im suppling a product Im completely happy with. I actually painted this a couple of years ago but Ive taken soo long in getting things perfect to hopefully make sure people are completely satisfied with their purchase. Which is why Im confident enough to offer free returns if you are unhappy with anything at all.

Printed on high quality self-adhesive, vinyl in a matt finish

Your mural will be sent out 1st class Royal Mail OR tracked delivery internationally

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